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The Casting of Martha Jones and Amy Pond. RTD vs Steven Moffat.


I decided to make this post after a morning watching Freema’s first episode of Confidential. I am a huge fan of Freema and Martha is my favourite companion by miles. I didn’t watch it with the intention of getting this fired up, but I found myself stunned by the difference of approach I was seeing as I watched. 

Moffat’s era of Who is far too sexist, heteronormative and non-inclusive to be particularly enjoyable to me, but it really struck me, watching RTD and his team talk about Martha with such love and excitement, that the role of the companion really has changed since RTD left. 

I feel the companion has become too much of a side-kick, too much of an accessory, as opposed to the main character, our gateway into the Doctor’s magical world, our link with the beauty and potential of humanity even in the most awful situations. 

I realise not everyone will agree with me, and I’m not saying you have to, but I’ve collected some quotes together to emphasise what I think is the toxic difference in the approach of each showrunner in their writing and presenting of the companion, and why we have such an issue with women in Doctor Who at the moment. 


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differences between RTD and Moffat starkly illustrated


The Notorious Wee and Dumpy Interview

Those people who believe Steven Moffat is not sexist, really do need to see this interview and take note. 

When he talks about Matt Smith, it’s all about the acting, the charisma, the aura. The whole package. He clearly thinks Matt is smashing and even talks about how in the audition process, Matt wowed him so much he decided to go for a young Doctor instead of an older one. 

In contrast, everything he says about Karen is based on her looks. He describes how disappointed he was when he thought she was ‘wee and dumpy’ and then how relieved he felt when he saw she was actually tall and pretty. 

Sexism isn’t always an out and out hatred of women. Sometimes it can be in an outlook, in the way people think, and the way people express those thoughts. 

I know Moffat means no harm by this, in fact, he clearly believes he is complimenting  Karen by talking about her good looks. But the fact remains that the male cast member is appreciated for his talent, and the female cast member (who is sitting right beside him) is appreciated for her looks. 

It’s a double standard, and very disrespectful. Certainly, it’s a worrying attitude for the showrunner of one of the most popular and iconic shows to grace British television. 


To them, ‘Asian’ is our defining characteristic, in a way that ‘white’ would never be used to define themselves. When the “Yellow Fever”ed men speak to me, they aren’t speaking to me, they’re speaking to their idea of an Asian woman, their fantasy made flesh. They’re speaking to every Asian woman they’ve ever seen in the media, every Asian porn actress they’ve ever leered at on their computer screens. My personality tries to push itself forward, but is rendered invisible, obscured by the lenses of racial stereotype.


Song for Ten

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Growing up and even now I have learned in depth about wild animals and other creatures. But when I learned about farm animals and other commonly eaten animals I was taught “milk comes from cows!” “chickens lay eggs!” very basic facts about how we consume and use them. When really these animals are so interesting and are not just “dumb” or “food” animals. People disconnect themselves from these animals so they feel less guilty when eating them.

And some fish use tools :)


You can’t criticize porn because some women choose to do it

You can’t criticize sweat shop labor because some people choose to do it

You can’t criticize capitalism because some people choose to have jobs

You can’t criticize rape culture because some people get…


Rose Tyler Appreciation Week

Day 6: The arc you loved the most:

Okay so I kinda cheated but I just love all of Rose’s arcs on Doctor Who so much that it was damn near impossible to pick just one. (I also just really like how this one conversation with Gwyneth managed to make references to Rose’s entire storyline)